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FINLAND – Oulu, the winter capital of bicycle !

As the first snowflakes appear, most european cyclists have to return to other modes of transportation, contrary to the cyclists of Oulu in Finland. For them, it is just another day of cycling along the arctic polar circle. During the cold (with minimal under -30°c), dark and snowy winters 12% of all trips made in … Read more

LITHUANIA – Kaunas, European capital of culture 2022

This year the Lithuanian city of Kaunas became one big European stag. Buzzing with activity, the European capital of culture 2022 (along with Esch-Sur-Alzette in Luxembourg) hosts 4025 events and activities such as festivals, exhibitions, stage events, and concerts. While attracting worldwide known artists such as Yoko Ono, the project aims to be highly educational … Read more

SWEDEN – Lund, let’s back to the past!

In 2007, our association shot a video in the Swedish city, Lund, in order to highlight innovative actions within the city. At that time, we had the privilege to interview former Mayor Annika Annerby Jansson. Today, the city has a growing population with more than 90 000 inhabitants, with more than 40 000 students. Its … Read more

ITALY – How Udine became a playful city ?

Like many other cities in Italy, Udine has faced aging of its population and a decline of births over the past decades. To tackle this issue and enhance its attractiveness, the municipality had an astonishing idea: to make the city playful. This innovative public policy promotes playing everywhere in the city through different actions such … Read more

GERMANY – Bremen is waking up vacant buildings !

Since 2009, the German city of Bremen has been running the ZZZ. This temporary use agency wakes up vacant buildings and unused lands by filling them with innovative economic, social, and cultural projects. The ZZZ or ZwischenZeitZentrale, which means “in-between-times headquarters”, acts as a mediator between different actors. It tracks down buildings and users, advises … Read more

SPAIN – Barcelona, take your bike!

The municipality of Barcelona is creating news axes and new ways of moving within the city! Since September, Barcelona has renewed the mobilities rules of one of its main avenues in the city center. Every Friday morning from 8:30 till noon, the Avenue is closed to cars and gives free movement to bikes. This concept … Read more

ITALY – Milano colored city!

Milano has launched the “Quadra” project which is giving the opportunity to the citizens to invest a 600m square space while creating social link. With colorful and geometric patterns, the structure is inspired by children drawings! Green spaces and playgrounds have been created to transform the place into a convivial and meeting point. The people … Read more

POLAND – Krakow invites you to meet and talk!

Creating social links between people for a more human city center is the main purpose of the concept! The municipality of Krakow has developed a brand new and innovative concept while setting up “discussion benches” in its city center. We all lived under the sanitary crisis with restrictions and for once, this concept is giving … Read more

FRANCE – Could the energy of public transports supply city’s energy ?

What if the energy of public transportations could supply city’s energy ? Subways generate heat energy (engine, brake, …), furthermore, the confined spaces where people are interacting are also generating human heat. In that perspective, how can we use this energy while avoiding it’s loss in the air ?Several cities as London, Paris or Stockholm … Read more

SPAIN – Valencia is rethinking urban planning!

Involving citizens in the heart of urban planning is the new mantra of Valencia. Name of the program : “Valencia, town of squares”.

©Valencia City Hall

Many squares located in the heart of the city center have become pedestrian areas following people’s desire.

The city used the same strategy for the square named “Place de la Reine” which will be totally pedestrian during the summer 2022. Many bike paths have been developed creating a real circuit through the city, while giving a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

In 5 years, the number of bike paths has increased to 30%. Indeed bicycle use has increased to 214%! Well done!

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