EUROPE – The EU’s NetZeroCities boosts support for 25 cities aiming for climate neutrality by 2030

The EU’s NetZeroCities platform has announced further support for 25 cities striving to become climate neutral by 2030. These cities are part of the EU Cities Mission and will collectively receive over 14 million Euros through the Horizon Europe program to become ‘Pilot Cities’. This initiative will enable them to test innovative decarbonisation strategies across various sectors including transport, mobility, and industry. The selected cities, which include Helsinki, Munich, Dublin, and Paris among others, will undergo a formal Grant Agreement Process to ensure compliance with due diligence standards and to refine their proposals with expert guidance.

The funding will also facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative learning through a ‘twinning’ program with other European cities. This effort marks the final phase of the Pilot Cities Programme, expanding the network to 104 cities committed to achieving climate neutrality.

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