European Observatory for City Centers

Typology of European city centers

City center’s policies must operate in a transversal way, affecting both urban planning policies, the greening of public places, commerce and crafts, soft mobility, culture, entertainment…

It is from this plural perspective that the renewal of European city centers must take place while taking into account the uniqueness of each city.

The typology of European city centers is very specific, so it is essential that cities operate in a network and can establish strong cross-border relations in order to exchange and share experiences and good practices.

At one point, from one European city center to another, we feel both at home and at the same time somewhere else. European city center’s invention’s theories explore the appearance of new urban spaces during the 2nd half of the 20th century where the city center appears as an artefact, essential to town planning. It shows the collective thought and represents the spirit of the community. The city center is simply the identity and the showcase of the city.

European cities are culturally rich and bubbling with new ideas, many European city centers are garnering new urban policies, green transition measures. Town centers should become veritable laboratories for the European cities of tomorrow.

This is why it seems essential to us today to create and launch a European working group on the city center, to share what is carried out in Europe. We hope the beginning of a concrete European synergy.

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