GERMANY –  Introducing the €9-a-month unlimited public transport ticket!

Last week, the German parliament approved a bill introducing a €9-a-month ticket scheme for all city and regional transport modes. Inspired by the Austrian “Klimaticket” introduced last year, the measure aims to encourage the use of public transportation instead of cars. First introduced to face the current living cost crisis and save energy in the context of the war in Ukraine, the ticket should reduce the carbon emissions of the transport sector, which represented 21.3% of German emissions in 2018.

Lasting all summer of 2022 the nationwide measure will cost the government €2.5 bn. It will directly benefit commuters but also tourism and attractivity of german cities. The beneficiaries of the tariff can take advantage of the inter-modularity of German public transport to visit unexpectedly local destinations. Thus small towns can be seen as easy reaching from attractive metropolises.

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