IRELAND – Drogheda highlights Irish mythology through street art

Situated 60km away from Dublin, the town of Drogheda has seen in the past years an increase in population, boosted by the Covid pandemic and subsequent move of Dubliners looking for more space. Thus the municipality aims to reconnect the newcomers and already inhabitants to their town through culture.

In this framework, officials unveiled the first six murals of the new Urban Art Trail. The artworks celebrating Celtic mythology feature various characters who were part of the mythic peoples who first landed in Ireland at the exact location of Drogheda. At the same time, the paintings tend to rehabilitate degraded public spaces by bringing color to the city. Those six murals are only the beginning of a more extensive multidisciplinary arts initiative called DRAWDA, which will first feature an audio companion tour and then create numerous projects to create a dialogue between culture, heritage, and public spaces.

Photo credit: Love Drogheda on Twitter

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