SPAIN – Valencia the green capital

Valencia, known for its sunshine, has been named Europe’s Green Capital, praised for its 5 million square meters of green space and the accessibility of nature to its residents. Winning the title comes with a 600,000 euro grant and valuable marketing benefits. Paola Llobet, Valencia’s councillor for tourism and innovation, sees it as recognition of the community’s efforts. The Turia Nature Park, a converted riverbed stretching nine kilometers through the city, is a prime example of Valencia’s commitment to green living.

Valencia is embracing its Green Capital status by introducing “Green Fallas,” where neighborhoods use eco-friendly materials like paper maché, wood, and rice-stalks for their festivities. The goal is to achieve entirely sustainable Fallas celebrations by 2030. The centrepiece of this year’s event is a massive statue titled “2 Doves, 1 Branch,” symbolizing peace and constructed from wood, papier-mâché, and Neops, a plant-based alternative to polystyrene. Despite these efforts, traditions like the daily fireworks display, known as “mascletà,” continue, showcasing the city’s blend of heritage and sustainability.

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