Tübingen, the success of a “green” city !

Located between the German Alps and the Schönbuch nature park, Tübingen is a city whose strong commitment to the environment allows the development of alternative lifestyles. 

According to the magazine Géo, Tübingen is “the most vegan-friendly city in Europe”. Indeed, the important share of vegetarian and vegan inhabitants pushes the shopkeepers to adapt to the demand (the creation of vegetarian bakeries for example). The city also participates in the Veganuary: an annual challenge to adopt a vegan lifestyle for a month.

In addition, Tübingen is taking many incentives for residents to be more environmentally friendly: photovoltaic panels are compulsory on all roofs, bike lanes are very wide, and parking spaces are expensive. Since February 2022, access to the city center is forbidden for cars, while soft mobilities and public transport are encouraged. For example, public transport is free for students in the evenings and on weekends. Another key measure is the introduction of taxes to limit waste: 50 cents for any disposable product. This measure is a success: the city has seen up to 15% less waste in its garbage cans!

According to the mayor of Tübingen, these measures have paid off, as they have led to a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per capita over the past 15 years and a 40% increase in the economy!

©maxmann / Pixabay

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