10th stop : Kolín in Czech Republic !

With its 30,000 inhabitants, the city of Kolin is home to a remarkable historical heritage. You just have to look up to be amazed!

Connected city, the inhabitants of Kolin have many digital information panels, a “Kolín v mobilu” mobile application, connected parking, a connected key ring. Kolin can be called a smart city.

What is a smart city? The municipality has made it easier to find parking by using the available parking lots more efficiently. Via the Czech engineering company SPEL, around 60 parking spaces in the historic city center have been fitted with sensors to detect car occupancy.

The Kolín connected key fob is also a unique project. The Kolín Smart Keychain project is mainly for elementary school students. This small plastic card thanks to the use of a contactless chip, can work as a reader’s card of the municipal library, order and distribute meals in the school canteen, open the electronic lock of the school, hourly ticket in the city’s public transport, or as a prepaid card, on which parents can send pocket money to their child.

By paying with Klíčenka in the stores of the project partners, the student will benefit from attractive discounts and advantages.

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*This event is not organized by the French Government. However we have been allowed by the French Government to use the emblem of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.