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15th stop : Lienz in Austria !

For the past decade, this small town of Tyrol has been emerging as an active regional center. Thanks to several development groups and a clever combination of planning and urban marketing, the commercial vocation of the city center has been strengthened.  The recipe for this success? A transversal approach, through an ambitious pedestrianization strategy, the … Read more

14th stop: Klagenfurt in Austria!

Discover Klagenfurt am Worthersee ! Located in the region of Carinthia close to the Slovenian border, the city is a well-known destination for tourists who enjoy the lakesides, its surrounding natural parks, and the beautiful historical city center. The city has even been awarded the European Union Cultural Heritage Prize 3 times for the excellent … Read more

13th stop: Trnava in Slovakia!

Discover with us the “little Rome” of Slovakia. The seventh city of the country located in the west owes its nickname to the numerous churches of its old town. From the Basilica of St. Nicholas to the bishop’s palace, the Trinity Column, and its seminaries, all the religious buildings give Trnava a feeling of spirituality. … Read more

12th stop: Košice in Slovakia!

You probably already heard of Košice in 2013 when it was awarded European Capital of Culture alongside the french city of Marseilles. Beyond giving an international celebrity to the second-largest city in Slovakia, this award opened a constructive debate on the place of culture in the city.  In terms of culture, the city is also famous for … Read more

11th stop : Bielsko Biała in Poland  !

Like other European cities such as Antwerp, Bielsko Biała is a pioneer in the fight against urban heat islands. This phenomenon implies higher temperatures in urban environments than in their rural surroundings. Thus, the Silesian city planted many trees and left space for plants and water in its heart. In addition to cooling down the … Read more

10th stop : Kolín in Czech Republic !

With its 30,000 inhabitants, the city of Kolin is home to a remarkable historical heritage. You just have to look up to be amazed! Connected city, the inhabitants of Kolin have many digital information panels, a “Kolín v mobilu” mobile application, connected parking, a connected key ring. Kolin can be called a smart city. What … Read more

9th step : Liberec in Czech Republic !

Located 90 km north of Prague, the medium-sized city of Liberec has a beautifully preserved city center. Walking along with the half-timbered houses of the small streets, you will enjoy the numerous, various, and cozy shops and cafés.  Thanks to the ambitious commercial policy of the city and the help of the RetailLink network driven … Read more

8th step : Karlovy-Vary in Czech Republic !

Let’s have a look at Karlovy – Vary in the Czech Republic. With 48 300 inhabitants, the city is well-known for its international film festival created in 1946 is organized every two years! The most coveted prize is the Cristal Globe! The municipality developed the environmental issue, the city is very green and arbored a … Read more

7th stop : Aschaffenburg in Germany !

Aschaffenburg compared to the city of Nice in the South of France because of its enjoyable climate, is well known in Germany to be an innovative and dynamic city. With more than 70 000 inhabitants, Aschaffenburg is a so-called green city, with vegetation and a park in the heart of its city center. Furthermore, the … Read more

6th step : Hallo Altena, in Germany !

The city of Altena is located nearby Dortmund, in Sauerland! With 17 000 inhabitants, Altena has a well-known museum which is telling the story of the castle of the city: Altena Burg. Also, the city has another museum “the Drahtmuseum”. The castle’s museum has an efficient role in creating a connection between two parts of … Read more

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