1st Step in Belgium… Hello Ghent !

First step for our two member Team in Ghent in Belgium! This 260 000 inhabitants’s city has a lot to show! Its city center is a real proof of dynamism, with a lot of shops and various activities! We can also mentionned that there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants concepts which are bringing to the forefront a very innovative gastronomy!

You want to know a secret? Ghent is the European Capital of Vegetarianism! The Municipality promotes and encourages short and local circuits between producers and consumers while releasing urbain space to give the opportunity to urbain agriculture to develop.

City Tour in Ghent
┬ęCentre-Ville en Mouvement

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*This event is not organized by the French Government. However we have been allowed by the French Government to use the emblem of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.