3rd City : Heerlen in the Netherlands !

Street art, mosaic benches, graffiti, the city of Heerlen is full of artistic works on every street corner. You just have to look up and admire street art! Many giant works can be found on buildings, on street corners, in front of squares…

The artists have had free rein to express their talents and give the city center a real identity. This is a part of a territorial marketing strategy. The Municipality has given the opportunity to use a wasteland located in the heart of the city. It’s also becoming a real playground, where climbing walls and walls of free artistic expression rub shoulders.

You want to hear about a real artistic action in extremely city center?

Street furnitures are also very colorful, with many “social sofas” that have been set up. These atypical public benches, set with mosaics, generate encounters and invite people to take a break and chat together.

The city tends to multiply events in the heart of the city, so that the creative emulsion is always there and attracts many people. The Notorious IBE festival, dedicated to urban dance in particular, is part of this effervescence every summer.

City Tour in Heerlen
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