SWEDEN – Lund, let’s back to the past!

In 2007, our association shot a video in the Swedish city, Lund, in order to highlight innovative actions within the city. At that time, we had the privilege to interview former Mayor Annika Annerby Jansson.

Today, the city has a growing population with more than 90 000 inhabitants, with more than 40 000 students. Its university is the largest one but also one of the most prestigious in Sweden.
15 years ago, the city was awarded the best student city in Sweden, and it is still the case today!

15 years ago, we also showcased the ambitious mobility policy of the city which is still developed today. Centered around intermodality and accessibility, it aims to promote a strong use of bikes and public transportation.
In 2007 the city inaugurated a new bus line called Lund link and 15 years later it’s a modern and neat designed tramline that goes throughout the city, making Lund the first new tram city in a century.

Let’s take some news from the city today!

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