5th City : Let’s visit Seraing in Belgium !

For a few years, Seraing has engaged a large-scale urban revitalization while adopting a Master Plan in consultation with local players to guarantee the consistency and harmonization of its actions (mobility, public spaces, green spaces, social involvement, city life…). Many works have been realized, with the desire to highlight the identity of the city linked to its industrial past.

What is the Gastronomia Project? The major Gastronomia project (refection of the covered market) is a perfect example that will start soon, combining shops, services, and parking. By requalifying its former industrial halls and turning them to commercial use, the City of Seraing wishes to put forward its industrial architectural heritage. Furthermore, they are acting in the revitalization of trade and craft.

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*This event is not organized by the French Government. However we have been allowed by the French Government to use the emblem of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.