13th stop: Trnava in Slovakia!

Discover with us the “little Rome” of Slovakia. The seventh city of the country located in the west owes its nickname to the numerous churches of its old town. From the Basilica of St. Nicholas to the bishop’s palace, the Trinity Column, and its seminaries, all the religious buildings give Trnava a feeling of spirituality. However, the city’s beauty is not only due to the religious monuments. There is also the belfry and magnificent ramparts, which offer a sumptuous panorama of the city.

The city also reinvented a now-common example of territorial marketing: the #TRNAVA printed in tall 3D letters on the main square. Each letter is painted by a different Slovak artist, who finishes his artwork in the middle of the street. Letters being swapped regularly, the process creates an event on the walkway for passersby and visitors.

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*This event is not organized by the French Government. However we have been allowed by the French Government to use the emblem of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.