CYPRUS – A shared garden to empower local communities in Nicosia

In the heart of the Cypriot capital city lies a peaceful community garden. The story goes that in October 2019, an energetic team called Gardens of the Future presented their project and won the Climathon Nicosia Concours. This award kickstarted the project to makegarden reality. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the derelict space … Read more

12th stop: Košice in Slovakia!

You probably already heard of Košice in 2013 when it was awarded European Capital of Culture alongside the french city of Marseilles. Beyond giving an international celebrity to the second-largest city in Slovakia, this award opened a constructive debate on the place of culture in the city.  In terms of culture, the city is also famous for … Read more

HUNGARY – Budapest, the playground for low carbon mobilities

In Hungary, the transport sector accounts for 20% of CO2 emissions. To tackle this issue on a national level, the National Hydrogen Strategy was adopted last June to push the adoption of this new technology. It encompasses the rapid extension of the production capacities, the creation of 40 filling points, and the purchase of almost … Read more

IRELAND – Drogheda highlights Irish mythology through street art

Situated 60km away from Dublin, the town of Drogheda has seen in the past years an increase in population, boosted by the Covid pandemic and subsequent move of Dubliners looking for more space. Thus the municipality aims to reconnect the newcomers and already inhabitants to their town through culture. In this framework, officials unveiled the … Read more

11th stop : Bielsko Biała in Poland  !

Like other European cities such as Antwerp, Bielsko Biała is a pioneer in the fight against urban heat islands. This phenomenon implies higher temperatures in urban environments than in their rural surroundings. Thus, the Silesian city planted many trees and left space for plants and water in its heart. In addition to cooling down the … Read more

AUSTRIA/BULGARIA – Two ways to involve citizens in the energy transition!

Switching their energy supply to renewables is central for municipalities to reach their carbon emissions goals. Being one of the most local green energy makes photovoltaic particularly easy to get city dwellers involved. Thus Dornbirn in Austria (50 000 inhabitants) and Burgas in Bulgaria (200 000 inhabitants) are taking two different but complementary paths to … Read more

10th stop : Kolín in Czech Republic !

With its 30,000 inhabitants, the city of Kolin is home to a remarkable historical heritage. You just have to look up to be amazed! Connected city, the inhabitants of Kolin have many digital information panels, a “Kolín v mobilu” mobile application, connected parking, a connected key ring. Kolin can be called a smart city. What … Read more

LITHUANIA – Vilnius opens up its prison to culture

In the old days, prisons were commonly located close to the city centers. Nowadays, the closure of these outdated places creates new challenges and opportunities for the municipalities. Most of them are demolished to make space for modern buildings, but some historical architectures deserve preservation.  It is the case for the Lukiškės Prison in Vilnius, … Read more

SPAIN – Tropa Verde, how to reward citizens for recycling!

In Santiago de Compostela, the municipality created a unique way to encourage its citizens to have sustainable and environmentally friendly behavior: by giving them rewards! The program is called Tropa Verde (“green troops” in English) and fights the biggest barrier against recycling, which is habits. The principle of Tropa Verde is simple: as a citizen, you … Read more

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