PORTUGAL – Book Fair: a way to enhance the revitalization of Coimbra’s City Center

The Municipality of Coimbra is developing and implementing a strategy to revitalize the historic city center, organizing dynamic and attractive cultural events for all age groups and different audiences. The aim is to attract the city’s inhabitants and visitors to the “heart of the city”, creating new economic, social, and cultural dynamics in a unique … Read more

15th stop : Lienz in Austria !

For the past decade, this small town of Tyrol has been emerging as an active regional center. Thanks to several development groups and a clever combination of planning and urban marketing, the commercial vocation of the city center has been strengthened.  The recipe for this success? A transversal approach, through an ambitious pedestrianization strategy, the … Read more

SPAIN – Valencia makes street crossing safer for everyone!

Pedestrian crossings are usually more dangerous than other spots of the urban environment for pedestrians. To tackle this issue, the Spanish citiy of Valencia used high and low-tech technologies to secure them.   On the one hand, Valencia City Council focus on improving pedestrian crossing for people with functional diversity, such as people with autism spectrum … Read more

14th stop: Klagenfurt in Austria!

Discover Klagenfurt am Worthersee ! Located in the region of Carinthia close to the Slovenian border, the city is a well-known destination for tourists who enjoy the lakesides, its surrounding natural parks, and the beautiful historical city center. The city has even been awarded the European Union Cultural Heritage Prize 3 times for the excellent … Read more

GERMANY –  Introducing the €9-a-month unlimited public transport ticket!

Last week, the German parliament approved a bill introducing a €9-a-month ticket scheme for all city and regional transport modes. Inspired by the Austrian “Klimaticket” introduced last year, the measure aims to encourage the use of public transportation instead of cars. First introduced to face the current living cost crisis and save energy in the … Read more

FRANCE – Brest, the unexpected colorful city!

In 2018, the city of Brest launched a unique project in France: “Objectif Couleurs“. This device encourages residents to repaint the facade of their houses with bright colors. This scheme is the result of a grassroots process. Indeed, in the 1990s and 2000s, the local association of the Loucheur neighborhood decided to repaint their facades … Read more

13th stop: Trnava in Slovakia!

Discover with us the “little Rome” of Slovakia. The seventh city of the country located in the west owes its nickname to the numerous churches of its old town. From the Basilica of St. Nicholas to the bishop’s palace, the Trinity Column, and its seminaries, all the religious buildings give Trnava a feeling of spirituality. … Read more

PORTUGAL – Braga reward cycling

The benefits of cycling are now not to be proven: exercise, health, traffic, accessibility for all public, quality of life, or noise. Yet despite the beautiful weather conditions, Portuguese cities can have trouble convincing drivers to trade their cars for a bike. Thus the city of Braga, alongside Istanbul (Turkey) and Tallinn (Estonia), took the … Read more

CYPRUS – A shared garden to empower local communities in Nicosia

In the heart of the Cypriot capital city lies a peaceful community garden. The story goes that in October 2019, an energetic team called Gardens of the Future presented their project and won the Climathon Nicosia Concours. This award kickstarted the project to makegarden reality. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the derelict space … Read more

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