9th step : Liberec in Czech Republic !

Located 90 km north of Prague, the medium-sized city of Liberec has a beautifully preserved city center. Walking along with the half-timbered houses of the small streets, you will enjoy the numerous, various, and cozy shops and cafés.  Thanks to the ambitious commercial policy of the city and the help of the RetailLink network driven … Read more

ESTONIA – Tallinn revives industrial areas in the heart of the city

For a long time, the capital of Estonia was quite an important industrial hub of the Baltics. Since the 1990s, the country’s economy radically switched to the third sector, especially betting on Tech, innovation, and tourism. This successful turn is now visible in Tallinn’s landscape. Let’s look at two former industrial neighborhoods that radically transformed … Read more

LUXEMBURG – European capital of culture 2022, Esch-sur-Alzette !

A couple of weeks ago, we presented Kaunas in Lithuania as the European Capital of Culture 2022, but another city shares the title: Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxemburg. The second-largest city in the country aims to renew its industrial heritage and culture with more than 160 cultural projects. The keyword here is Remix! This keyword reflects the … Read more

8th step : Karlovy-Vary in Czech Republic !

Let’s have a look at Karlovy – Vary in the Czech Republic. With 48 300 inhabitants, the city is well-known for its international film festival created in 1946 is organized every two years! The most coveted prize is the Cristal Globe! The municipality developed the environmental issue, the city is very green and arbored a … Read more

Tübingen, the success of a “green” city !

Located between the German Alps and the Schönbuch nature park, Tübingen is a city whose strong commitment to the environment allows the development of alternative lifestyles.  According to the magazine Géo, Tübingen is “the most vegan-friendly city in Europe”. Indeed, the important share of vegetarian and vegan inhabitants pushes the shopkeepers to adapt to the … Read more

ROMANIA – How wildlife lives in the heart of Bucharest ?

Today, it is rare to witness the opening of a new park inside the dense urban area of a European capital. It is even more unusual when it hosts exceptionally diverse and almost untouched wildlife. This park exists and it is called the Văcăreşti Park. A bit of history: It was first born as a … Read more

7th stop : Aschaffenburg in Germany !

Aschaffenburg compared to the city of Nice in the South of France because of its enjoyable climate, is well known in Germany to be an innovative and dynamic city. With more than 70 000 inhabitants, Aschaffenburg is a so-called green city, with vegetation and a park in the heart of its city center. Furthermore, the … Read more

LATVIA – FREE RIGA is matching vacant spaces and cultural Projects

The capital city of Latvia faced real challenges in the last decades that changed its economy, morphology, and identity. After 2008, many vast spaces remained vacant because of the disappearance of former economic activities. In the meantime, the local artistic and cultural scene was booming and needed space to blossom. From that point, a citizen … Read more

BELGIUM – Antwerp is fighting urban heat islands !

Antwerp is not located under the tropics but it will suffer more than other cities from heat-waves in the future. This is due to the “urban heat islands”. This phenomenon implies higher temperatures in urban environments than in their rural surroundings. The denser and more mineral the city is, stronger is the phenomenon. This makes … Read more

6th step : Hallo Altena, in Germany !

The city of Altena is located nearby Dortmund, in Sauerland! With 17 000 inhabitants, Altena has a well-known museum which is telling the story of the castle of the city: Altena Burg. Also, the city has another museum “the Drahtmuseum”. The castle’s museum has an efficient role in creating a connection between two parts of … Read more

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