CZECH REPUBLIC:  A no-traffic city center for a quieter city

Inside the Czech capital, authorities have made the decision to limit the automobile traffic for all vehicles (except for residents, taxis, and all other vehicles that possess an authorization). Prague’s first district will then be closed for access between 10pm and 6am. The goal? Reduce noise pollution which has been affecting the city center’s residents … Read more

ITALY – A car-free city center for Milan

Milan, the capital of fashion, is at a crossroad concerning pollution. As we are facing more and more issues having to do with climate change, a decision has to be made to reduce emissions. The mayor is choosing to target private traffic within the confines of the city center in order to reduce the pollution … Read more

FRANCE – A new way to think local stores in Vitry-le-François

In this municipality, the initiative consists in gathering several little businesses within the same commercial premises. The main goal is to encourage small businesses to take a chance to open their shops and test out the profitability while enjoying a lower rent. This comes after the realization that there needs to be a change of … Read more

GERMANY – A new face for German city centers

As it is the case in most city centers across Europe, there is a need to adapt to the changes following the pandemic which fueled the development of e-commerce amongst other things. Germany has understood the challenge, the main take-away being that we need to rethink city centers as an ensemble. It is the whole … Read more

FRANCE – Music and urban poetry in downtown Saint-Brieuc!

Located in Brittany, Saint-Brieuc is a mid-sized city with more than 45 000 inhabitants.Music boxes installed in the streets of Saint-Brieuc surprise passersby! They are the work of the multidisciplinary art collective “The Anomik Nation” which “offers music to passersby”. Since 2018, the concept seduced plenty of European cities while installing more than 250 music … Read more

PORTUGAL – Book Fair: a way to enhance the revitalization of Coimbra’s City Center

The Municipality of Coimbra is developing and implementing a strategy to revitalize the historic city center, organizing dynamic and attractive cultural events for all age groups and different audiences. The aim is to attract the city’s inhabitants and visitors to the “heart of the city”, creating new economic, social, and cultural dynamics in a unique … Read more

15th stop : Lienz in Austria !

For the past decade, this small town of Tyrol has been emerging as an active regional center. Thanks to several development groups and a clever combination of planning and urban marketing, the commercial vocation of the city center has been strengthened.  The recipe for this success? A transversal approach, through an ambitious pedestrianization strategy, the … Read more

SPAIN – Valencia makes street crossing safer for everyone!

Pedestrian crossings are usually more dangerous than other spots of the urban environment for pedestrians. To tackle this issue, the Spanish citiy of Valencia used high and low-tech technologies to secure them.   On the one hand, Valencia City Council focus on improving pedestrian crossing for people with functional diversity, such as people with autism spectrum … Read more

14th stop: Klagenfurt in Austria!

Discover Klagenfurt am Worthersee ! Located in the region of Carinthia close to the Slovenian border, the city is a well-known destination for tourists who enjoy the lakesides, its surrounding natural parks, and the beautiful historical city center. The city has even been awarded the European Union Cultural Heritage Prize 3 times for the excellent … Read more

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