European Tour

5th City : Let’s visit Seraing in Belgium !

For a few years, Seraing has engaged a large-scale urban revitalization while adopting a Master Plan in consultation with local players to guarantee the consistency and harmonization of its actions (mobility, public spaces, green spaces, social involvement, city life…). Many works have been realized, with the desire to highlight the identity of the city linked … Read more

4th destination : Huy in Belgium !

Huy is a French-speaking town located in the Walloon Region, just 30 minutes away from Liège.This tourist city with 21,500 inhabitants is dynamic thanks to operations such as: “Here, we are looking for a shopkeeper”. The municipality decided to fight against commercial vacancy! Do you want to open your shop in Huy? That’s an idea! … Read more

3rd City : Heerlen in the Netherlands !

Street art, mosaic benches, graffiti, the city of Heerlen is full of artistic works on every street corner. You just have to look up and admire street art! Many giant works can be found on buildings, on street corners, in front of squares… The artists have had free rein to express their talents and give … Read more

2nd Stop : Groningen in the Netherlands !

For the second stop of our European Tour, our two globe trotter made a stop in Groningen, in the Netherlands! This second city has a strong territorial development policy based on sustainable mobilities. Everything has been done to reduce the distance between the living and working space, shopping, public services, health facilities… We speak about the the 15-minute city.

The UMGC hospital is in the heart of the city center and is one of the most source of employment of the city of Groningen. A lot of investments have been engaged to develop the attractiveness of the city center!

Let’s see in video what is happening there…

City Tour in Groningen
©Centre-Ville en Mouvement

1st Step in Belgium… Hello Ghent !

First step for our two member Team in Ghent in Belgium! This 260 000 inhabitants’s city has a lot to show! Its city center is a real proof of dynamism, with a lot of shops and various activities! We can also mentionned that there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants concepts which are bringing to … Read more

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